Singapore: An Autonomous Innovation Center

Jim Robinson of RRE Ventures said it best last month at the Silicon Dragon Conference when comparing Silicon Valley to New York, “There are two kinds of centers that have a lot of startups and technology, there are technology centers and commerce centers.” New York falls into the later category, … Read More

Drones Land Back To Earth At Xponential 2017

JD Claridge’s story epitomizes the current state of the drone industry. Claridge, founder of xCraft, is best known for being the first contestant on Shark Tank to receive money from all the Sharks – even Kevin O’Leary! Walking the floor of Xponential 2017, the annual convention of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Integration (AUVSI), Claridge remarked to … Read More

2016: The Year of Drones, Cars, Bots (and Less Jobs…)

At a JP Morgan conference this month, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that “forty percent of New York City’s jobs will be automated over the next 10 years.” This means over 1 million people will be out of work by 2026. Bloomberg’s statistic is even less than the UN Report last November, which … Read More

An Update To Solving The Impending Food Crisis

As I reported earlier, the the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) announced that the demand for food will outpace food production by 2050 when the world’s population is estimated to reach 9 billion people. The report according to Margaret Zeigler, executive director of GHI, is “a call to action.” “Countries need to prioritize agriculture and … Read More

Robotic Mind Meld

The brain is an electric organ, and its 86 billion neurons communicate via pulses of electricity. When a voltage change causes one neuron to “fire,” it releases chemicals that trigger voltage changes in connected neurons. The brain’s every operation, from automatic functions like maintaining a heartbeat to cognitive processes such as … Read More

Protecting Mankind from Menacing Robots

This past Tuesday, Suki Bagel, a 12 week old Border Collie arrived in our house. Suki was so excited to be united with her new family that she peed on our kitchen floor. Seeing my disappointment, my wife retorted, “what do you expect, she’s not a robot?” I replied that AIBO never peed. … Read More

Welcome to the Age of Garage Robotics

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz published a blog post about his most recent investment in, a new AI/autonomous mobility company. is the genius of hacker extraordinaire George Hotz, who built his own self-driving car in his garage that was featured on Bloomberg News below (Chris actually … Read More

CES 2016 Diary: Drones and Other Stupid Pet Tricks…

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” so what I am about to share is really hush hush…  Walking the halls of every part of CES 2016, there are 3 pervasive themes that ring out almost too loud and clear – drones, virtual reality, and IoT/Smart Homes.  As a Frontier Tech investor, … Read More