Are You Driving A Robot, Already?

Earlier today I was speaking with a mother outside my child’s school about her elderly parents.  This woman began to tell me that her father is in a substandard home, because it was the closest within walking distance to her mother (who can’t drive).  I immediately thought about Sergey Brin’s … Read More

The Robotic Cloud

It’ starting to get really interesting in the field of robotics.  Liabilities are being loosened and we are now seeing surveillance drones being used for crop dusting, traffic reporting and wildlife conservation.  Tomorrow holds a brighter robotic future and one of the biggest drivers in the opening up of the … Read More

Call an Ethicist, My Robot has a Question

As I mentioned several weeks ago, the UN in its brilliance has called for international laws governing robots.  I guess it is easier to manage Israel’s Harpy or the US Navy’s X-47B,  than despotic regimes of Syria and Iran.  Nevertheless, the plutocrats in Turtle Bay have opened a pandora’s box. … Read More

From Human Sacrifice to Human Killings: The World of Robots

The UN called for today a moratorium on Killer robots.   According to a report, robots “should not have the power of life and death over human beings,” rather this should be decided by the sane humans that developed swords, gunpowder, chemical weapons, and an atom bomb. Ironically, earlier in the … Read More