The DARPA SubT Challenge: A Robot Triathlon

One of the biggest urban legends growing up in New York City were rumors about alligators living in the sewers. This myth even inspired a popular children’s book called “The Great Escape: Or, The Sewer Story,” with illustrations of reptiles crawling out of apartment toilets. To this day, city dwellers … Read More

Disaster Recovery Robots Working Overtime

Since Labor Day, North America has been hit with an unprecedented wave of natural disasters, from forest fires still raging in California to multiple catastrophic hurricanes in the Atlantic to an earthquake shattering one of the world’s most populated cities. If there is one silver lining from these events, it … Read More

Snake Robots Slither Into Our Hearts, Literally

The biblical narrative of the Garden of Eden describes how the snake became the most cursed of all beasts: “you shall walk on your belly, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life.” The reptile’s eternal punishment is no longer feared, but embraced for its versatility and … Read More

The Uncanny Valley Of Human-Robot Interactions

The device named “Spark” flew high above the man on stage with his hands waving in the direction of the flying object. In a demonstration of DJI’s newest drone, the audience marveled at the the Coke can-sized device’s most compelling feature – gesture controls. Instead of a traditional remote control, this flying … Read More

And the winner is…

Last Saturday, everyone waited with bated breadth to see if American Pharoah would win the Triple Crown.  At the same time, under the California sun, 23 teams competed in the ultimate robotic contest – the DARPA’s Robotic Challenge (DRC).   It should come as no surprise that a South Korean team won the $2 … Read More

Origami Robots Begin Their Fantastic Voyage

While speaking with an innovative robotic company this week, I concluded it takes a lot of humans to sell just one robot.  The employment around robotics was further validated by Sunday’s WSJ article about Uber poaching scientists from Carnegie Mellon University.  While there will be job fallout, robots in the long run will open … Read More

What Happens When Robots Lose? We have all seen robots do amazing things, score goals, drive race cars and save lives.  While we (robot enthusiasts) marvel at the science, many people see the all-perfect all-winning robot as adding to the hysteria of our own human inferiority.  As we look towards a world where robots … Read More