Autonomous Boats By 2020

My twitter feed was abuzz this week with news of a Russian spy boat miles off the coast of Connecticut’s US Naval Submarine Base in Groton. This would’ve been a good time to test the Navy’s newest weapon – the Sea Hunter – an autonomous marine defense system (shown below). The concept of an encounter between autonomous and manual vessels waging battle is a … Read More

Inside the Navy’s Robot Testing Center

There is nothing like seeing something firsthand.  As protestors sign petitions and organize movements outside the UN to Stop Killer Robots, the Navy is focused on something entirely different (at least according to The New York Times). The NY Times has been running an online two-part feature called, Robitica. Above is the installment … Read More

Searching For MH370's Black Box Courtney Love declared she is addicted to the story (or non-story) of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The news media has been poorly attempting for a week to create news from the little factoids about the vanishing plane, disregarding the human tragedy in its wake.  Jon Stewart’s parody … Read More