Snake Robots Slither Into Our Hearts, Literally

The biblical narrative of the Garden of Eden describes how the snake became the most cursed of all beasts: “you shall walk on your belly, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life.” The reptile’s eternal punishment is no longer feared, but embraced for its versatility and … Read More

Robotic Exo-Skeleton Helps Paraplegics Walk Again

Last week, a fifteen year old boy at my daughter’s high school was hit by a car.  The shock of the accident reverberated throughout the Upper West Side community and made me think of the frailty of mankind, especially when hit with head and neck injuries.  Life can change on … Read More

Hey Ricky, Get a Robot For Those Wildfires!

America stands waiting for the face off between President Obama and the Republican front-runner, but y’all will have to wait  bit longer.  Governor Perry has decided that the people of Texas need him more than the Sunday morning talk shows.  The wildfire in the wake of Tropical Storm Lee has destroyed over … Read More