The 5G Report Card, Building Today’s Smart IoT Ecosystem

The elephant in the room loomed large two weeks ago at the inaugural Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) Summit in New York City. Almost every presentation began apologetically with the refrain, “In a 5G world…” practically challenging the industry’s rollout goals. At one point Brigitte Daniel-Corbin, IoT Strategist with Wilco … Read More

The Uncanny Valley Of Human-Robot Interactions

The device named “Spark” flew high above the man on stage with his hands waving in the direction of the flying object. In a demonstration of DJI’s newest drone, the audience marveled at the the Coke can-sized device’s most compelling feature – gesture controls. Instead of a traditional remote control, this flying … Read More

Sailing The High Seas, Autonomously

Before discussing the wonders of marine robotics, I must comment on what is happening in Rio. More than any other Olympics, robots are playing a critical roll in capturing and reporting on athletes. Getty Images recently opened up a free part of its photo collection to consumers with the launch of an … Read More

Man vs. Machines: AI’s Victory Party!

As I write this post, one of the greatest sports competitions is taking place on Pebble Beach – The US Masters PGA Golf Tournament.  However, as we dig deeper into AI and Robotics, one has to wonder about the longevity events.  Chess masters have been belittled for over 20 years … Read More

This Year’s MVP is a Robot!

Happy New Year! While I was on vacation, my son and I watched Will Smith’s thought provoking movie, Concussion. Football has by far the highest concussion rate of all youth and high school sports. According to the Brain Injury Research Institute, in any given season, 20% of high school football players … Read More

Holiday Alert: Koule Robot Games Are Next Year's IT Toys!

As a father of five, I am outnumbered.  If I can keep 3 out of 5 are happy, then statistically I am doing a pretty good job.  However, often the stats are stacked against me.  Robots offer not only the promise of extra hands, but long-term engagement through organized play … Read More

Sorry Charlie, Jacques Cousteau is a Robot

The Ocean has been called the final frontier.  Great expense has gone into mapping out the depths of our tiny planet.  Robots offer the opportunity to truly explore inner Earth, even at the cost of the great Cousteau empire. Earlier today, Liquid Robotics, the developer of the Wave Glider marine … Read More