Replace INS With Border Fence Robots

As a first generation American, I cringe at the talk of tougher immigration.  I can’t help recalling that the Final Solution was only implemented after the world closed its doors on European Jewry.  As 2012 approaches,  I plan to look at the election issues with a Robotic bent. There is no … Read More

Hey Ricky, Get a Robot For Those Wildfires!

America stands waiting for the face off between President Obama and the Republican front-runner, but y’all will have to wait  bit longer.  Governor Perry has decided that the people of Texas need him more than the Sunday morning talk shows.  The wildfire in the wake of Tropical Storm Lee has destroyed over … Read More

Watch Out Obama, Bot for President!

Yesterday, Obama hosted an online Twitter Town Hall Meeting that was as exciting as watching grass grow. The big issue in Washington is the Debt Ceiling and our ability to spend without paying back our creditors. This is compounded by the stagnant ecconomy and lackluster job growth. If a Robot … Read More