SXSW 2018: Protect AI, Robots, Cars (And Us) From Bias

As Mark Hamill humorously shared the behind-the-scenes of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” with a packed SXSW audience, two floors below on the exhibit floor Universal Robots recreated General Grievous’ famed light saber battles. The battling machines were steps away from a twelve foot dancing Kuka robot and an automated coffee dispensary. Somehow the famed interactive … Read More

Trusting Robots With Our Lives

The key takeaway from Tuesday’s RobotLabNYC forum, on “Exploring The Autonomous Future,” was humans are the key to robot adoption. Dr. Howard Morgan of First Round Capital expressed to the audience of more than 100 innovators working within the automation ecosystem, the necessity of embracing “entrepreneurial marketing” to reach customers. … Read More

What The Election Means For Robotics

Since the beginning of the republic, Presidents have had a great deal of influence on promoting innovation. A year after Alexander Graham Bell spoke the first words on the telephone to Mr. Watson, Rutherford B. Hayes installed a phone in the White House. One hundred and thirty years later, President Bush was … Read More

The Quantum Computing Revolution

Yesterday, I greatly enjoyed Obama’s visit to Israel.  In particular his appreciation of the entrepeneurship and start-up culture of this young country. In the President’s own words, “over the last 65 years, when Israel has been at its best, Israelis have demonstrated that responsibility does not end when you reach … Read More Gobbles Up Robots

The presidential blame game started months ago, when President Obama blamed the ATM machine for the economy.  Hey Barak the Automated Teller Machine was created around the same time as Romney’s Etch A Sketch! Obama knew he was tapping into a long-standing populist myth that technology, or more specifically robots, will … Read More

Boldly Goes Where No Human Has Gone Before…

It started out as a 6 month mission, now after 3 years of driving across the desolate Mars landscape the rover Opportunity has reached the massive Endeavour crater. I suggest everyone checkout the latest photos of the rover missions at While the Obama administration no longer feels we (humans) … Read More

Watch Out Obama, Bot for President!

Yesterday, Obama hosted an online Twitter Town Hall Meeting that was as exciting as watching grass grow. The big issue in Washington is the Debt Ceiling and our ability to spend without paying back our creditors. This is compounded by the stagnant ecconomy and lackluster job growth. If a Robot … Read More

Robots to Replace Space Shuttle Astronauts

I still remember marveling at the Space Shuttle being transported on a Boeing 747 in February 1977, it is with great sadness that I write of its demise today. Yes, after a 30 year run, the Obama administration is shutting down the Space Shuttle program this Friday.  The countdown has … Read More