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Oliver is the founding partner at Autonomy Ventures, a venture firm focused on early stage investments in business and industrial automation technologies, including robotics, smart mobility, remote sensing and machine intelligence. Oliver’s portfolio has returned over six exits in the past five years with two IPOs. Previous transactions have included selling Holmes Protection to ADT/Tyco, Americash to American Express, and launching RobotGalaxy, a national EdTech brand. He is a Venture Partner at ff Venture Capital, a member of New York Angels and holds 14 patents. Oliver speaks often at international trade shows and syndicated articles that reach thousands of readers.

  • Robot Fantasy or Prophecy?

    This summer’s major hit will most likely be “Transformers: Dark of The Moon” These mega-tron hits make me wonder why most movies and fictional pictorials featuring seem to fear robotic wrath rather than celebrate their achievements.  I think the answer… Read More ›

  • Who's the Slave Now?

    First Step: Infiltration, Final Step: Uprising… WATCH OUT! Robots are taking over our world! This quiet revolution is happening without protest, as fiction warns us of it faults. I must admit I have been an active participant in this coup… Read More ›