Implementing Pro Active Cyber Policies For SmartCity Infrastructure

Every 39 seconds a cyber attack hits companies and government offices in the United States. Last week, after moderating a discussion with Chuck Brooks of General Dynamics on the vulnerabilities of ransomware, a non-profit that I support became the latest victim. This all too close event, that threatened millions of … Read More

Big Brother (or Sister) Is Always Listening

Alexa had a good show. She was everywhere at CES with 35 new embedded product introductions, from cars to refrigerators to robots to vacuum cleaners. Google Home chose the more luxurious path by partnering with Mercedes and Sony. While consumers love talking to their devices, no one has ever asked Alexa if she enjoys … Read More

Your Train Has Just Been Hacked. Yes, This Just Happened.

“You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted” blazed every screen last Friday night at San Francisco’s Muni Rail System. The cyber criminals held the city at ransom for over 48 hours, demanding 100 Bitcoins to turn back on the train’s automated ticketing system. Rather than paying, Muni responded with free rides all weekend long … Read More