The Meaning Of Humanoid Backflips

Like a gymnast nailing a perfect ten, Boston Dynamics’ robot Atlas wowed automation enthusiasts last week. Two years prior, one of the most popular tech videos on YouTube was the humanoid blooper reel of the 2015 DARPA Challenge. In just 24 months machine agility has gone from the Keystone Kops … Read More

CES 2017: Report From The Show Floor

Shelly Palmer (aka Mr. CES) is wrong. Yesterday, he declared in his daily missive that his vote for 2017 “best in show” was the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van. My retort: “Shelly, go outside the North Hall to the Gold Parking Lot and take a ride on NVIDIA’s self-driving car.” I do agree with … Read More

The Power Of The Robotic Cloud

Last week at RoboBusiness, I was fortunate to hear James Kuffner, CTO of Toyota’s Research Institute (TRI), present his vision of a million connected robots. If this premise sounds scary, I’m sorry.  Halloween is just around the corner. Seriously, it is worth digging into in greater detail. According to Kuffner, connectivity speeds are … Read More