Holiday Alert: Koule Robot Games Are Next Year's IT Toys!

As a father of five, I am outnumbered.  If I can keep 3 out of 5 are happy, then statistically I am doing a pretty good job.  However, often the stats are stacked against me.  Robots offer not only the promise of extra hands, but long-term engagement through organized play and targeted therapy.

Last week, I attended an investor conference and was introduced to something really cool, I mean KOULE (Czech for ball).  KOULE is the invention of Que Innovations that are in the process of launching a new robotic ball for kids and parents, alike. The KOULE ball automatically plays games with kids, such as Touch N GoColorsCatch MeEmotionsCountingMidline FunRollie Pollie KOULEColorwheelTik Tok KOULEKOULE Says, and KOULE Pet. Think of it like a mobile “Simon Says” game on steroids. Koule promises to marvel all with its thoughtful physical games to get your little tike active and alert.  The best part of Que’s genius is they recognized that kids are different and a one size fits all approach would not be sufficient.  Besides having programs for kids with autism, Koule is an open app environment so the library of robotic companion games is just beginning.

As we approach the Holiday season, I would like to suggest that you add Koule to your list.  However, you will not find something this innovative at Wal-Mart or Target, rather you will need to bite the bullet and take a risk by ordering it through Indiegogo for $499 in time for the 2013 season.  Gobble Gobble…

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