Tired of waiting for gas? Try a RoboticValet…

Since Sandy’s devastation, we have seen something in New York that has not happened since the 1970s – gas lines 2 hours long.  In fact, we are back  odd and even days.  New Yorkers hate to wait for anything – for taxis, gas and especially parking spaces.

Since their creation, robots have promised to make our lives easier.  Boomerang’s RoboticValet™ Parking System delivers just that with a revolutionary parking solution powered by robots that drive on concrete slab floors to transport vehicles to and from parking spaces.  According to the Wall Street Journal Boomerang’s robots will be deployed at the new $180 million BrickellHouse in Miami.  The attractiveness from a developers’ stanpoint is that Robotic Valet maximizes parking spaces by reducing the need for ramps and drive aisles.  In fact, its a win win all around as it is both novel and green since the cars are shut off before being parked in the garage.

According to the company, “we are thrilled to be working with the Newgard Group on the BrickellHouse project, which we believe is positioned to set a new standard in the Miami luxury market,” said Chris Mulvihill, President of Boomerang Systems. “We are confident our technology is ideal for this type of project where space is at a premium and where the market places high value on convenience, safety and modern building technology while delivering environmentally friendly solutions. We are proud to showcase what we believe is the most advanced automated parking technology in the world through this high-profile development.”

“When I first witnessed Boomerang’s RoboticValet™ system in action, I recognized it as a game-changer that could be an ideal fit for BrickellHouse,” said Harvey Hernandez, managing director of the Newgard Group. “We looked at a number of automated parking systems, but we chose Boomerang based on the unique advantages of their system as well as for the fact that they are a US manufacturer. We want residents at this development to know that they are being provided state-of-the-art technology that will enhance their lives while also reflecting the latest green innovations, and Boomerang’s solution perfectly fits these criteria. Delivering those core consumer benefits, while allowing us to use the space saved by automated parking to develop more residential units makes this choice a win-win for us and our residents.”

Boomerang has already have deals signed for new developments in New Jersey, Virginia, Kansas, Mississippi and California, hopefully soon it will conquer alternate side parking in Manhattan.

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