Window Washers Replaced By A Square Box Maids used to be very firm on the issue, “I will do laundry, cooking, cleaning, but NOT windows.” There is something mysteriously tedious about window washing, and in New York it is compounded by the sheer height of our buildings.  I still recall watching workman hang off our building … Read More Gobbles Up Robots

The presidential blame game started months ago, when President Obama blamed the ATM machine for the economy.  Hey Barak the Automated Teller Machine was created around the same time as Romney’s Etch A Sketch! Obama knew he was tapping into a long-standing populist myth that technology, or more specifically robots, will … Read More

Robot Teachers Save Money & Make Kids Happier

I am currently in a dispute with my children’s grammar school over its inability to coordinate the testing schedule.  When I approached the administration, their answer was almost robotic in nature by referring me to the assessment policy.  This made me wonder if robots could do a better job educating our kids. … Read More