The Mechanical Silent Spring

Trump’s Chinese hoax had quite a week with temperatures plummeting over 40 degrees overnight followed by a foot of snow. I write this post buried in a blizzard, as the wind is whipping around my windows. The rattling of glass is a reminder of how often we humans ignore the reality of science. Thankfully, … Read More

Killer Robots, Superior AIs, Car Hacking – Don’t Worry, Be Happy…

Landing back in New York from SxSw, I keep hearing Rodney Brooks in my head tell a vividly anxious crowd to calm down as the robotic Judgement Day is way off (maybe by 50 years ). While agreeing that media driven tech-hysteria is unproductive, I do think we should be responsive in … Read More

Robot Hedgehogs Conquer Space

Pierre Whimsey the Third was a big part of my childhood. My mother’s fictional hedgehog, featured in a series of children stories, led me off to great imaginary adventures. To this day, I see hedgehogs as mythical creatures able to travel to distant planets and worlds. It seems as though I am not … Read More