Man vs. Machines: AI’s Victory Party!

As I write this post, one of the greatest sports competitions is taking place on Pebble Beach – The US Masters PGA Golf Tournament.  However, as we dig deeper into AI and Robotics, one has to wonder about the longevity events.  Chess masters have been belittled for over 20 years … Read More

The X-Factor of Robots

NAO is the Michael Phelps of Robots. This humanoid is not just the winner of RoboCup soccer, as it has its own league, but ready to takeover the robotic dance forum in the upcoming Robotic Idol. To pedestrians of robotics, this sounds like cute childlike happenings, however the ability for a machine to … Read More

World Cup Update: USA Beats Japan!

The crowd yells, “U-S-A… U-S-A”, but it is not Abby Wambach on the field playing Japan, its Abby Wam-BOT!  This past week in Istanbul, we saw a glimpse of the future of robotic soccer.  The world’s most popular sport is experiencing the greatest advancement since its founding in 1004 BCE in Japan.   RoboCup is a worldwide research … Read More