Israeli Robot Startups Prepare for Post-War Valuation Bump

One could hear in the hallways of RoboBusiness murmurings of shock and disgust with the Hamas terrorist attacks still smoldering. Just eleven days prior, a sunny morning in Israel was marred by bloodshed and the death of thousands of innocents. Consequently, the startup nation’s economy quickly spiraled. Almost overnight some … Read More

RoboBusiness 2017: What’s Cooking In Robotics?

Mike Toscano, the former president of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, emphatically declared at the September RobotLab forum that “anyone who claims to know the future of the [robotics] industry is lying, I mean no one could’ve predicted the computing mobile revolution.” These words acted as a guiding principle … Read More

The Roboticist’s Moral Imperative

It’s time to address the elephant in the room – jobs. First, I must confess that I was wrong to casually dismiss this issue in past posts. More than the technology itself, for automation to be successful, we need it to enhance (not destroy) human society. If one-third of the workforce is … Read More