Israel, A Land Flowing With AI & Autonomous Cars

This past week I led a group of 20 American tech investors to Israel in conjunction with the UJA and Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry. We witnessed firsthand the innovation that has produced more than $22 billion of investments and acquisitions within the past year. We met with the University that … Read More

Drone Update: Flying Overseas For Flights

On March 28, 1931, a small subsidiary of Boeing, United Air Lines, announced that it completed the first transcontinental passenger flight in 27 hours. This ushered in the golden age of commercial American aviation, which lasted over 40 years. Autonomous aviation was birthed in 1849 by an Austrian attack on Italy with unmanned … Read More

Time for Robot Theater

Last night, I watched ABC’s primetime showing of BattleBots, with my 15 year old son. While this show is billed as the ultimate bot reality TV, it is more about the builders’ backstories than the mechanical fighters. However, we do not have to wait too long for “Real Steel” to come to … Read More

What Trump can learn from Israel

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I am appalled by Trump’s plan to counter terrorism. The apparent front runner, of this latest reality TV show, has suggested three steps to confront the threat: 1) stop immigration (of anyone of different faith); 2) halt freedom of speech (or parts of the Internet); and 3) hunt down declared enemies … Read More

The Next Industrial Revolution Is NOW

There has been too much chatter lately about robots stealing jobs (and lovers, for that matter).  The latest ire comes directed at an English company, Moley Robotics, that unveiled its robot chef at the Consumer Electronics Fair in Shanghai.  Moley’s Robotic Kitchen is complete with a pair of large robotic arms that are … Read More

The Quantum Computing Revolution

Yesterday, I greatly enjoyed Obama’s visit to Israel.  In particular his appreciation of the entrepeneurship and start-up culture of this young country. In the President’s own words, “over the last 65 years, when Israel has been at its best, Israelis have demonstrated that responsibility does not end when you reach … Read More