Here's a Switch, Robots Controlling Humans

Today Occupy Wall Street took over the sidewalks near my “peaceful” office.  In observing these derelicts, I am convinced that they, the protestors, are the problem NOT the solution. It is crystal clear to me  that mankind would be better served if some humans would abdicate their actions to robots. … Read More

Hey Rosie, Your Competition is Here

While the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters continue on drinking, drugging and passing each other venereal diseases, the rest of the world is working.  Across the globe in Singapore a group at the Nanyang Technological University has developed a new robotic maid for the top one percent of Americans.  While the … Read More

Yes Thomas Friedman, A Robot Wants Your job!

This past Sunday, Thomas Friedman asked “How Did the Robot End Up With My Job?” In his column, Friedman suggested that the current recession can be blamed on technology and globalization.  This arcane way of thinking is being heralded in the caverns of lower Manhattan’s “Occupy Wall Street” chaos.  I … Read More