Hey Rosie, Your Competition is Here

While the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters continue on drinking, drugging and passing each other venereal diseases, the rest of the world is working.  Across the globe in Singapore a group at the Nanyang Technological University has developed a new robotic maid for the top one percent of Americans.  While the Jetsons had Rosy, we may have NASH the robotic butler. 

NASH (or Nanyang Advance Smart Humanoid) stands at over 5.9 feet tall and is able to gesture, walk, climb and follow simple instructions. Yes, NASH understands human languages and currently listens to commands like my dog Buddy (except not as cute). NASH was developed over the past decade by Professor Xie Ming of NTU’s School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  Ming says, “the biggest challenge was to make the robot walk on uneven terrains without falling, and to recognize push and pull forces so it can resist and counterbalance itself…Now, we are in a better position to make this a social robot, one that can talk and respond to humans, to understand us and to do what we ask of it to do.”  Of course, NASH is equipped with tons of  sensors and cameras to lift objects and avoid obstacles.  However, the biggest turnoff of this future Jeeves may be his price sticker at $200,000, batteries are included and you never have to give him a raise.

Others may decry these innovations as fantasies for the rich, but NASH’s first job is to help the mobility of elderly patients.  So listen up protestors, Rev Al included, it may come a time when you need the help of NASH and other innovations financed by bankers worldwide…

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