This Year’s MVP is a Robot!

Happy New Year! While I was on vacation, my son and I watched Will Smith’s thought provoking movie, Concussion. Football has by far the highest concussion rate of all youth and high school sports. According to the Brain Injury Research Institute, in any given season, 20% of high school football players … Read More

Artificial Intelligence's Superbowl Moment

Being a Giant’s fan, I am VERY excited for this Sunday – the rematch between the arrogant New England Patriots and the humble New York Giants.  Football is more than brut strength, it is strategy.   The intelligence of each play boggles not just the human mind, but a robot’s … Read More

The NFL is back, and so is Cleatus the Robot!

Well the good news is that they have finally reached an agreement in Washington D.C. I am not referring to the immature debate about the debt, but the NFL players/owners announcement today.  Football is back and so is Cleatus the Robot… A bit of history, the Robot we see every week … Read More