Usain Bolt vs. MIT's Robot

Everyone wants superpowers, but only a few are born with extraordinary abilities.  Usain Bolt’s speed (as indicated by his last name) is as close as we have to going as fast as a cheetah.  Well, that was true up until… Read More ›

Google Acquires A Zoo Of Robots

Last week, I ventured to wonder who would win in a battle of the bots – NASA’s Valkyrie or Boston Dynamics’s ATLAS.  I think Google just weighed in with the answer.  Google’s acquisition of BD is probably the biggest deal… Read More ›

Curiosity, Brush Off That Resume…

There is a lot of talk about robots replacing human jobs, but what happens when robots replace themselves?  Meet Valkyrie, NASA’s new advanced humanoid “superhero” robot that may one day be used to explore Mars ahead of humans (we are way… Read More ›

Meshworm… Meshworm…

Outside my office a torrent rages, bringing thunder and rain to a dry city.  As the city dwellers rush for cover, the earthworm basks in the drops.  Wait is this slithering thing a robot? Well, if you are in Boston… Read More ›

Sha-Bot 6000 Ready for Purim

Tonight is Purim, the commemoration of the Jewish People’s rescue from complete annihilation.   It all started long ago, when the grass was still green and the sky was still clean.  Such a long time back, let’s say the 4th century… Read More ›

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