Bot Brains Inside

In honor of my lunch this afternoon, I wanted to share a snapshot of the sushi chef (see video below). While these parlor trick robots do make tasty rice patties, they remind us of how early we are in the cycle of… Read More ›

Protecting Mankind from Menacing Robots

This past Tuesday, Suki Bagel, a 12 week old Border Collie arrived in our house. Suki was so excited to be united with her new family that she peed on our kitchen floor. Seeing my disappointment, my wife retorted, “what do you expect,… Read More ›

And the winner is…

Last Saturday, everyone waited with bated breadth to see if American Pharoah would win the Triple Crown.  At the same time, under the California sun, 23 teams competed in the ultimate robotic contest – the DARPA’s Robotic Challenge (DRC).   It should come as… Read More ›

The Little Spider-Bot That Could…

Last week, my daughter broke her wrist playing soccer.  This week her team won the championship in spite of missing their starting goalie. Part of living is adjusting to challenges.   Now, robots can also heal themselves by tapping into experiences from simulated… Read More ›

Robots Learning To Cook Like Rachael Ray

In our home, we have 5 kids, 1 dog and 2 robots.  These robots help us clean the floors primarily.  While my wife loves to cook, it can get a little demanding being a short order cook for a variety… Read More ›

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