Contact Tracing, Machines, And Civil Liberties

Already five regions within New York State have reopened for business, ushering in a new reality of “test, isolate, and trace.” The United States estimates it will hire close to 300,000 people to become contact tracers, identifying potential spreaders of the virus. Governor Cuomo has appointed former New York City … Read More

The Latest Target For Automation: Window Washers

Three and half years ago, I stood on the corner of West Street and gasped as two window washers clung to life at the end of a rope a thousand feet above. By the time rescue crews reached the men on the 69th floor of 1 World Trade they were … Read More

9/11: Are We More Prepared – The Robot Perspective

Being a New Yorker, I will never forget what happened on that crisp September morning.  It was surreal.  The memories still linger – picking up my daughter from school along with the other hoards of people heading uptown, the red sky that smelled like burnt plastic, the debris that buried … Read More