It's Slinky, it's Slinky. It's fun for a girl or a bot

In honor of Bobby V becoming the new manager of the Boston Red Sox, it is only appropriate to profile the latest robotic invention from those dudes at Cambridge.  Remember the squids from the Matrix attacking Zion, look no further… Read More ›

Eli Manning Fumbles, Skycam Scores!

Last night I went to the new MetLife Stadium and watched the Giants loose horribly to the Eagles.  As Manning failed to move the ball up the field, I couldn’t help eying Skycam zip down the end zone as Green… Read More ›

NBA Season Over… Ping-Pong Anyone?

The fear of the NBA canceling the 2011-2012 season is very real.  If you are tired of overpaid professional athletes wining about another million, it is time for us to “Occupy Sports” by replacing these numbnuts with some bolts. The… Read More ›

Runners Watch Out, ASIMO is Catching Up

I am standing in Jerusalem and it is magnificent.  A three thousand year capital of the Jewish people and birth place for three major religions.  It is finally unified under a tolerant rule and it is time to celebrate.  Yes,… Read More ›

The NFL is back, and so is Cleatus the Robot!

Well the good news is that they have finally reached an agreement in Washington D.C. I am not referring to the immature debate about the debt, but the NFL players/owners announcement today.  Football is back and so is Cleatus the Robot…… Read More ›

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