Predator Drone Kills Terrorist, But Did it Act Alone?

As a witness of the horrors of 9/11, I did not feel any remorse about the death Anwar al-Awlaki this weekend.  Awlaki was the head of the Yemeni branch of al Qaeda responsible for the deaths of so many innocents.  The world breathed a sign of relief upon hearing the news that … Read More

A Modern Hero: Otto Autopilot

Last night, I thoroughly enjoyed watcing PanAm on ABC.  The TV show transported me back to the days when we dressed up for travel (not down).  On cue, Boeing celebrated today the launch of the “787 Dreamliner”, a new marvel in aviation with its sleek design, cabin layout, and distance/fuel capacity.  Yet, the unsung … Read More

Replace INS With Border Fence Robots

As a first generation American, I cringe at the talk of tougher immigration.  I can’t help recalling that the Final Solution was only implemented after the world closed its doors on European Jewry.  As 2012 approaches,  I plan to look at the election issues with a Robotic bent. There is no … Read More

Is Darth Vader the New iPhone?

Hands down the best Star Wars movie is “The Empire Strikes Back.”  I still get chills thinking of Luke Skywalker decapitating himself as Darth Vader.  By the end of the movie, we see the premonition coming closer to reality with Luke’s new robotic arm.  Today, we are not that far off from … Read More

What We Can Learn From Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots

I am tired of watching the annoying blame game.  One in six Americans are impoverished and all we can do is feed the advertising machine on talk radio and cable news networks.  Often I write about great inventions that save lives, or whimsical technological “pet-tricks” that makes us marvel at … Read More

9/11: Are We More Prepared – The Robot Perspective

Being a New Yorker, I will never forget what happened on that crisp September morning.  It was surreal.  The memories still linger – picking up my daughter from school along with the other hoards of people heading uptown, the red sky that smelled like burnt plastic, the debris that buried … Read More

Hey Ricky, Get a Robot For Those Wildfires!

America stands waiting for the face off between President Obama and the Republican front-runner, but y’all will have to wait  bit longer.  Governor Perry has decided that the people of Texas need him more than the Sunday morning talk shows.  The wildfire in the wake of Tropical Storm Lee has destroyed over … Read More