Is Robot Virtual Reality Just Hype?

Virtual Reality (VR) could be one of the most overhyped technologies since the introduction of 3D televisions. However, Juliano Pinto would be the first to rebut that criticism. Pinto, a paraplegic, is part of a new brain-machine interface study that reteaches the brain to walk using virtual reality and robotic exoskeletons. Pinto is … Read More

CES 2016 Diary: Drones and Other Stupid Pet Tricks…

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” so what I am about to share is really hush hush…  Walking the halls of every part of CES 2016, there are 3 pervasive themes that ring out almost too loud and clear – drones, virtual reality, and IoT/Smart Homes.  As a Frontier Tech investor, … Read More