Disposable Robots Take Flight

Last Wednesday, I attended AeroVironment’s presentation of their contribution to NASA’s Mars Helicopter mission. The autonomous vertical-lift drone is remarkably capable of flying through the planet’s thin atmosphere, as demonstrated on Earth in a vacuum chamber by their CEO, Wahid Nawabi. The unmanned aerial craft… Read More ›

Chappie vs. Terminator

This past weekend box office hit (even with 29 rotten tomatoes) was the adorable robot, Chappie.  As observed by Gary Marcus of the New Yorker, Chappie takes his inspiration from real life artificial intelligence from iCub to Rodney Brook’s Baxter.  The big question… Read More ›

G.I. Bot

Terminator is just a movie, right? I am sure that is what the robot conspiracy theorists thought, as General Robert Cone, the head of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), declared that by 2030, a quarter of the US… Read More ›

Arnold's Love Child

I have 5 kids, none are robots.  Fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, they have freewill to act on their own accord.  This makes me think of the potential  problems for couples wanting to raising robot children. Robots are by definition a… Read More ›

Robot Fantasy or Prophecy?

This summer’s major hit will most likely be “Transformers: Dark of The Moon” These mega-tron hits make me wonder why most movies and fictional pictorials featuring seem to fear robotic wrath rather than celebrate their achievements.  I think the answer… Read More ›