John Henry vs. The Robot

Earlier this week, I was listening to Johnny Cash’s song, John Henry.  Cash’s lyrics rang loud, “did the Lord say that machines oughtta take the place of livin’? …Do engines get rewarded for their steam?” Obviously, this is a major ethical… Read More ›

Self-Sustaining Robots

I just returned from Israel, visiting robotic labs and enriching my life with the Holy Land.  One would think these are polar opposites, but as illustrated by my fellow tribesman who were awarded the Nobel Prize this week for discovering… Read More ›

Is 60 Minutes Right?

While most of the electronic press was at CES, 60 minutes did a 13 minute segment on robots replacing human jobs in this ongoing recession.  While this argument has been made as conjecture on the campaign trail, Steve Kroft enforced the point… Read More ›