The Metaphysical Impact Of Automation

Earlier this month, I crawled into Dr. Wendy Ju‘s autonomous car simulator to explore the future of human-machine interfaces at CornellTech’s Tata Innovation Center. Dr Ju recently moved to the Roosevelt Island campus from Stanford University. While in California, the roboticist was famous for making videos capturing people’s reactions to … Read More

Preparing For The Third Wave

While applying to business schools in 1980, Steve Case prophetically wrote: “I firmly believe that technological advances in communications are on the verge of significantly altering our way of life…” In his personal statement, he further predicted (ten years before Congress decommissioned the ARPANET) that screens would become “information lifelines” … Read More

Robotic Kitchen Aids Save the Day… The Holidays are a time for family togetherness and tireless cooking.  I am certain by now, people’s dishpan hands are cracking as the pots and pans pile up by the kitchen sink.  Bloated bellies and hot tempers often replace goodwill and quality time. There is something wrong with this … Read More