Driverless Everything, Except Cars

As we prepare for the busiest travel days of the year, it is time to reflect on how far transportation has progressed since the horse & buggy. This past week the number of cities testing autonomous taxis grew to include Boston, with MIT upstart nuTonomy. Equally important to the driverless ecosystem is … Read More

RobotUniverse lands ln New York, and the World

This week, on the way to the first robotic conference in New York City, I felt a wave of déjà vu bringing me back to the early days of the Internet when trade shows were held in the dungeons of the Javits Center. Riding the escalator down, the excitement was palpable among the … Read More

Report From CES: Mercedes Rocks Autonomous Driving

We have seen many robotic innovations at CES this year, from GrillBots (to clean your BBQ) to wearable drones that fly off your wrist. Whiles these are cute novelties, the one inventor that blew my mind was Mercedes Benz.  The German car manufacturer is terrified of loosing marketshare to Google in the … Read More

What Was The DOT Thinking, Putting The Brakes Driverless Cars?

About three weeks ago, I was sitting with a leading robotist discussing driverless cars.  We both laid out a vision of a world with special driverless lanes where cars will be moving faster going bumper to bumper than human operated vehicles. The quality life improvement for the elderly, blind, and … Read More

Are You Driving A Robot, Already?

Earlier today I was speaking with a mother outside my child’s school about her elderly parents.  This woman began to tell me that her father is in a substandard home, because it was the closest within walking distance to her mother (who can’t drive).  I immediately thought about Sergey Brin’s … Read More