Your Mind Is The Greatest Processor

Robotics starts with mimicking life.  When life starts to mimic robotics than we have a paradigm shift.  Everyday the hot topic is how will humans and robotics intersect.   I would like to argue we have already crossed paths.

Earlier this week, Google introduce the world to Glass.  Above please see the promo video of their Internet-connected glasses that connect to the digital right in front of your eyes. Think Geordi La Forge from Star Trek’s Next Generation.   Essentially these high powered spectacles have a left side for the processor and battery and a right brain for the display and camera.   As Google founder Sergey states, “beauty, style and comfort are as important to Glass as the latest technology. We are delighted to bring Glass to the runway…” The price is just under haute couture at $1,500.

Just as Google’s Glass promises to enhance the real world experience, Interaxon’s Muse plans to harness your brain to better control it. Muse is a headband that enables users to “track and train their minds” to control a growing number of electronic devices.

As Interaxon calls it a “heart monitor for your brain.” that syncs your emotions, moods, memory with your iPhone or iPad to eventually control a world of Apps.  These would include everything from Angry Birds to home appliances. As Muse is open source, a world of developers have started to access their brains to take over the planet (kind of a scary thought).  Muse like Glass is still in the prototyping stage, but aims to arm a billion humans with its $199 headbands to generate trillions of brian-waves to control a fleet of robots.

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