Sha-Bot 6000 Ready for Purim

Tonight is Purim, the commemoration of the Jewish People’s rescue from complete annihilation.   It all started long ago, when the grass was still green and the sky was still clean.  Such a long time back, let’s say the 4th century BCE in Ancient Persia, when the Jewish people lived under the control of King Ahasuerus.  One of Ahasuerus’ advisors conspired to kill the Jewish People, and through the micralous efforts of his Queen (Esther, a Jewess) the Jewish People were saved.  So in the words of Abraham Lincoln in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “PARTY ON DUDE!”  Through out the globe, Jewish Communities will be hosting lavish parties, some even in costumes, and giving gifts to the poor.

So how does the Robot come in to the picture? Well, the Sha-bot 6000 is one of many inventions of the day we celebrate including the New iPad and DARPA’s robotic Cheetah that can run up to 20 miles per hour.  Jew and Gentile alike are hoping for a miracle today in Iran to stop the mullahs from producing nuclear weapons, Purim reminds us anything is possible. Enjoy!

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