Justin Bieber Watch Out! Robot World 2011

Yesterday, more than 150 robot inventors gathered to showcase their products in Korea.  While the attendees came from all over the globe, this Asian pennisula has become home of robotics with an ever growing $1.6 billion industry. 

The highlight of this show was definately the “robot city” where people could experience firsthand living among robots.  This virtual city has bots manning everything from hospitals to theaters.  Yes, there is even a RoboCop.  In fact, the robotic fireman can put out a balze without any humanoid help.  Of course, there have been many that are critizing these innovations saying robots will eventually replace human jobs.  

I can definately see their point in the video above, I think Justin Bieber is in big trouble as he will be quickly leaped frogged by these mechanical dancing wonders.

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