It's Slinky, it's Slinky. It's fun for a girl or a bot

In honor of Bobby V becoming the new manager of the Boston Red Sox, it is only appropriate to profile the latest robotic invention from those dudes at Cambridge.  Remember the squids from the Matrix attacking Zion, look no further as science fiction is now reality with the latest breakthrough … Read More

Robots Replace Macy's Balloons

Tomorrow is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and Julius the Monkey’s big debut as 200 ft balloon.  Being a New Yorker, I have watched numerous times the people anchoring the giant inflatable floats struggle below with 50 mile hour winds.  To a robot aficionado, this picture is awfully antiquated. Three … Read More

Here's a Switch, Robots Controlling Humans

Today Occupy Wall Street took over the sidewalks near my “peaceful” office.  In observing these derelicts, I am convinced that they, the protestors, are the problem NOT the solution. It is crystal clear to me  that mankind would be better served if some humans would abdicate their actions to robots. … Read More

NBA Season Over… Ping-Pong Anyone?

The fear of the NBA canceling the 2011-2012 season is very real.  If you are tired of overpaid professional athletes wining about another million, it is time for us to “Occupy Sports” by replacing these numbnuts with some bolts. The students at China’s Zhejiang University are not waiting for a strike, … Read More

Near Miss, Asteroid Skips Past Earth

Life is a fragile balance between near misses and prevention. In just 1 hour an asteroid will pass 200,000 miles away from our earthly domiciles.  Whew, that was a close one… Predicting space collisions is the full time job of NASA and scientists worldwide. Today’s rock, YU55, was detected by … Read More

Justin Bieber Watch Out! Robot World 2011

Yesterday, more than 150 robot inventors gathered to showcase their products in Korea.  While the attendees came from all over the globe, this Asian pennisula has become home of robotics with an ever growing $1.6 billion industry.  The highlight of this show was definately the “robot city” where people could experience firsthand … Read More

Robot Teachers Save Money & Make Kids Happier

I am currently in a dispute with my children’s grammar school over its inability to coordinate the testing schedule.  When I approached the administration, their answer was almost robotic in nature by referring me to the assessment policy.  This made me wonder if robots could do a better job educating our kids. … Read More