Artificial Intelligence's Superbowl Moment

Being a Giant’s fan, I am VERY excited for this Sunday – the rematch between the arrogant New England Patriots and the humble New York Giants.  Football is more than brut strength, it is strategy.   The intelligence of each play boggles not just the human mind, but a robot’s … Read More

CES Recap – Viva Las Vegas

CES is the annual pilgrimage of over 150,000 suits paying homage to the oracles of televisions and mobile connected devices.  I joined the masses, but instead of praying at the temples of Samsung and Sony, I decide to walk off the beaten path.  Below are some highlights of some promising … Read More

Fantastic Voyage Revisited Robot Style

We have seen amazing medical breakthroughs, from new devices to promising chemical compounds aimed at stopping our most deadly diseases.   So much of science fiction is based upon medicine, for example Bones in Star Trek is seldom seen with a scalpel in hand, but rather a mechanical devices that … Read More