Free Cultures Use Robots For Good

The entire world seems to be bubbling with the discussion of culture, as Governor Romney insightfully pointed out that economic divisions in the Middle East stem from the cultural distinctions between political ideologies.  I think his point could be best illustrated by how different cultures use technology to either better … Read More

Your Surgeon is a Snake

This week is turning out to be a banner week for robots.  Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal front page article featured a story about Georgia Tech’s Robot Chicken Deboner (click to: see video).  While that sounded tasty, I am compelled to tell you the story about “Snakes on Plane”, well almost, at … Read More

Robotic Exo-Skeleton Helps Paraplegics Walk Again

Last week, a fifteen year old boy at my daughter’s high school was hit by a car.  The shock of the accident reverberated throughout the Upper West Side community and made me think of the frailty of mankind, especially when hit with head and neck injuries.  Life can change on … Read More

Fantastic Voyage Revisited Robot Style

We have seen amazing medical breakthroughs, from new devices to promising chemical compounds aimed at stopping our most deadly diseases.   So much of science fiction is based upon medicine, for example Bones in Star Trek is seldom seen with a scalpel in hand, but rather a mechanical devices that … Read More