Protecting Mankind from Menacing Robots

This past Tuesday, Suki Bagel, a 12 week old Border Collie arrived in our house. Suki was so excited to be united with her new family that she peed on our kitchen floor. Seeing my disappointment, my wife retorted, “what do you expect, she’s not a robot?” I replied that AIBO never peed. … Read More

From Death to Life: The Robot Week In Review

So much happened this week, I do not know where to begin. We are still reeling in America from the Dallas ambush. I am reminded that it could have been much worse if it was not for the local police department’s robot that delivered Micah Johnson (the shooter) an explosive … Read More

Are Autonomous Cars Accelerating Too Quickly?

This past Monday, I accompanied my 18-year-old daughter to her road test. While there, I began reflecting on the amount of emphasis we put on developing good judgement. It struck me that, as we transition into an autonomous driving future, we need to question what we are doing to prepare our machines, and ourselves, … Read More

Drone Update: Flying Overseas For Flights

On March 28, 1931, a small subsidiary of Boeing, United Air Lines, announced that it completed the first transcontinental passenger flight in 27 hours. This ushered in the golden age of commercial American aviation, which lasted over 40 years. Autonomous aviation was birthed in 1849 by an Austrian attack on Italy with unmanned … Read More

The Future of Public Transportation

Elon Musk had a rough week with the announcement of Tesla’s acquisition of his other company, SolarCity, for $3 billion. Following the announcement, the car maker’s stock plummeted. However, Musk continued to persevere with his vision of an oil free autonomous future as his other portfolio holding, Hyperloop One, an autonomous electric transportation system … Read More

The AI/Robot Arms Race

Last year, a leading group of academics and AI scientists called for a complete ban on “offensive autonomous weapons beyond meaningful human control.” The letter was signed by more than 20,000 people, including such luminaries as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark, and Toby Walsh. The initiative was also endorsed by many … Read More

Living with Social Robots

A couple of years ago, I had coffee with the Heather Knight, author of the infamous paper, “How Humans Respond To Robots.“ When we met in 2014, we begun our discussion with “in the future…” people will rely on robots for everyday tasks. However, today the future is yesterday and social … Read More

The Job Report: Robots On The Rise

Hey, we all feel the Bern (good or bad), but I have one thing to say to Larry David: “be careful what you wish for.” Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 will only exasperate the robot takeover of America’s dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs. I am typically the first person … Read More

RoboCare: DocBots Fighting Diseases

The medical industry is ripe for disruption.  Already, Intuitive Surgical has been revolutionizing the operating room with its DaVinci assisted device. If you are not familiar, robot assisted surgery means a surgeon sits at a console and uses hand and foot controls to manipulate four interactive robotic arms, which are equipped … Read More

Elder Care: The Killer Robot App

The Financial Times this week wrote a four-part series on “Robots: Friend or Foe?” The editors agree that the Robolution is now a matter of time, as we stand on a precipices of an automated world. While the cynics, and possibly Donald Trump as well, cry  in panic at the loss of … Read More