Watch Out Obama, Bot for President!

Yesterday, Obama hosted an online Twitter Town Hall Meeting that was as exciting as watching grass grow. The big issue in Washington is the Debt Ceiling and our ability to spend without paying back our creditors. This is compounded by the stagnant ecconomy and lackluster job growth. If a Robot can solve one of the most perplexing problems (i.e., the Rubik’s Cube) surely he can fix a simple thing like our economy..

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest pursuits of the modern era.  Simply put, A.I. is our ability to program machines with “intelligent agents” to maximize the chance for success within a particular environment. So what would a Robot do as President? To find the answer, we need to look at past A.I. success stories. I am not talking about the Golem of Prague or even Hephaestus, but famous battles between man and machine, such as Deep Blue vs. Garry Kasparov or Watson vs. the Jeopardy Champions.

How does beating one at chess apply to real life problems that are part of our public debate? Well, look around.  Everything we touch today is run by A.I., such as:


    So maybe real soon, hopefully by primary season, we will be introduced to candidate Bot.