Is Maria Sharapova A Robot?

You bet.   No other sport has been so affected by Robotics as Tennis.  Sharapova is the ultimate player poised to win her second Wimbledon, but could not do it without her balls…

Since the 1990s, Tennis underwent a major transformation with new racket technology, training techniques and ball speed.  In walks S.A.M. the “Sports Action Machine” which promises to revolutionize the game for a mere three grand. Ball machines which used to be used as secondary device for warm ups, are now an integral part of training players to reach the next level.  S.A.M. promises to be more consistent than any human alive, even Nadal.  But like a top seeded player, S.A.M. has competition.  Boomer (which costs $14,000) uses digital video to record his opponent’s game to force him/her to play at new levels with 110 mph ball speed and intelligent play.  Boomer even keeps score and talks trash like McEnroe to really get you to the top of your game.

While Henry the VIII first made Tennis popular, it is the new cast of Robots that seems to be making it more entertaining for the 21st century.  The partnership between player and machine seems to be the ultimate marriage.  In researching this post, I was unable to find Robots playing humans in tournament games.  I for one would like to see if we can recreate history by re-programming Boomer to play like Borg against Federer.  Who’s the better player now?