Who's the Slave Now?

First Step: Infiltration, Final Step: Uprising…

WATCH OUT! Robots are taking over our world! This quiet revolution is happening without protest, as fiction warns us of it faults. I must admit I have been an active participant in this coup by educating children on the exlir of science fiction and mechanical friends.

There is more to “Robotology” than television plots and mad Frankstein inventions. Essentially, we have outsourced the mundane and dangerous tasks of mankind to semi-conductors and processors. There is not an industry or aspect of living that is untouched from Washington, DC to Ghana, Africa.

Each post, I will highlight a new aspect of Robotology and how it affects our daily life The purpose is not only to celebrate a new milestone but to raise awareness of the robotic age and potentially the waning of Homo-Sapien 5000+ year uncontested reign.

A quick list of examples: