World Cup Update: USA Beats Japan!

The crowd yells, “U-S-A… U-S-A”, but it is not Abby Wambach on the field playing Japan, its Abby Wam-BOT!  This past week in Istanbul, we saw a glimpse of the future of robotic soccer.  The world’s most popular sport is experiencing the greatest advancement since its founding in 1004 BCE in Japan.  

RoboCup is a worldwide research effort to bring about robotic advancements to mankind, regardless of physical boundaries or political ideologies (Iran plays America with Japan against China).   The larger purpose is to use these innovations to address significant social and geopolitical problems.  The lofty goal is to “develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots” that can defeat the 2050 human world cup champions. Watch-out Beckham you may suffer the same fate as Kasparov against Big Blue! 

Last week in the Small Robot League USA beat Japan, maybe this is a premonition of whats to come this Sunday.  Be careful not to trip, because your Roomba might be watching too…

Thanks to Jack Freifelder for the idea of profiling RoboCup.