The NFL is back, and so is Cleatus the Robot!

Well the good news is that they have finally reached an agreement in Washington D.C. I am not referring to the immature debate about the debt, but the NFL players/owners announcement today.  Football is back and so is Cleatus the Robot…

A bit of history, the Robot we see every week on Fox was named “Cleatus” by a viewer in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  In one of our last posts we discussed humans taking on robots in the other sport known as football (a.k.a. soccer).   Well, American Football players already look like robots so the idea of a team made up of Cleatus and his cohorts is not that far off.  On the amazing blog, Robots Dreams there is actually footage of a Japanese team playing on the gridiron.  You click here to see the footage of the robot competition sponsored by Fujisoft (the same group that organized “Robot Somo” in Japan).   

FUJISOFT is a leading Japanese company that is focused on system development through “telecommunications, video processing, digital delivery and robotics”.   Being an American, I have to ask where is Boeing or GE’s competitions?  It is these contests that bring about innovation and great ideas are the ones we have yet to discover….

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